For the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, Lowe Alpine Silvermark brand ambassadors Hong Kong rock band Supper Moment interprets our latest series in a refreshing urban outdoor context.

To celebrate the launch of our F/W18 collection, Silvermark has invited their brand ambassador, Hong Kong rock band Supper Moment, to interpret the latest urban outdoor collection.

Supper Moment is a four-piece Hong Kong rock band comprising Sunny Chan (lead vocals and guitar), CK (bass), Martin Leung (lead guitar) and Hugh Chan (drums). Over the course of their 12-year music journey, they have evolved from an underground group into a stadium-filling mega rock band. The bank has demonstrated a passionate, fighting spirit and their energetic performances have become their signature. In 2018, Supper Moment held their first concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, which received critical acclaim. To date, the band has published 20 albums with over 60 releases.

Supper Moment shares the same core values as Silvermark in the face of challenges – that persistence and determination will overcome all of life’s obstacles




Music Releases

F/W18 making-of video

By Supper Moment | January 15, 2019


F/W18 Transition Collection

By Supper Moment | January 15, 2019


SS18 - Introducing Supper Moment and Theresa Fu

By Supper Moment | April 3, 2018